PRESCHOOL (Tampopo-Land)

The first step of group life... Do you want to play as parent and child?
Prescholl (Tampopo-Land) is about parents and children playing together,the children making friendships,getting used to kinder-garten and playing together at school.

We encourage the parents to get to know the other children's parents.Please feel free to invite other friends or neighbors to“Tampopo-Land”.

Nakayoshi Hiroba

We have activites for the underage kids to come and play with our whole staff.
We hope you to come with your friends.

To parents and guardians.

●A lot of experiences!

Recently their is a trend towards a dwindling birth rate,smaller nuclear family,not many places to play and incorrect education information.
The environment is changing and we are loosing places that provide a good experience.
We want to provide your child with a positive experience,a friendly environment,encourage the children to play together and grow up together.

●Foster zest for living

Help your children have a positive life experience.
Let your children create their own games and ways of playing.
This helps them to gain confidence and motivates them in many different ways.
You can play with playground equipment anywhere,but here at Hosen Kindergarten,we want you to have fun with your friends and grow up together.
We encourage the kids to think of their own activities to do on their own and during free time.We encourage the children to be creative with their pictures,crafts and singing.
The children are encourage to find a subject on their own and do it them selves.
We are also teaching the basics of life.
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