near odakyusagamihara station HOSEN KINDERGARTEN
It has been 52 years since we started as school affiliated with the Training College of Primary Education, a division of KokugakuinUniversity in 1966.
With all of support and cooperation, over 4,800 students have graduated from our kindergarten. Our school has a moderm style school building with central air, soundproofed classroom, and blessed with excellent educational surroundings. . Our kindergarten is one of the few international exchange schools in Japan, with a little less than 30% primary of the registered school children being from American families, the highest number in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

We all know about the importance of juvenile education, but in these days with a decrease in population, other Kindergartens tend to publicize forced advertisement and educational methods, however, we believe that Kindergarten should be adjusted to the local environment. This is a very important period of life to instill the basics of a better human being. We would like you to take a very good look at our educational environment, educational content, and facilities, and we hope you will let us educate your children at our school.
(Our school is open any time for your observation from June on. Please call our office to make an appointment for your visit.)
North Exit of Odakyu Sagamihara station.
Walking 8 minutes.
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