The first step of group life... Do you want to play as parent and child? Preschool gTampopo-Landhis about parents and children playing together,the children making friendships,getting used to kindergarten and playing together at school.

We encourage the parents to get to know the other children's parents.Please feel free to invite other friends or neighbors togTampopo-Landh.


Preschool schedule

1. May 23rd
2. May 30th
3. June 13th
4. June 20th
5. July 11th
6. September 5th
7. September 26th
8. Octorber 17th
Nakayoshi hiroba

Play at our plarground.

We plan on having an open house/Fun day"Nakayoshi hiroba".
We would like to invite parents and your young children(2-3year old),to meet our teachers and tour our facalities.
"Nakayoshi hiroba" Schedule
1,  6/7 10:00-
2,  8/30 10:00-
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