As Hosen Kindergarten is located near Camp Zama & Sagamihara housing, many American children have been registered since the establishment of the school. The number has increased these days and about 20% Of the registered school children are from American families.

Throughout the year we have several exchange programs with Arnn Kindergarten and Child Development Center in the Camp Zama, herefore, American children naturally enter and come to our school without any problem.

They observe and offer some practical training, as well as introduce some of their languages and games to us. Within this total environment, American children get along with others and become friends in short time, even though they don't speak Japanese well at first. Every child in our school is an international goodwill ambassador.

Certificate of Appreciation AWARDED TO Hosen Yochien

For outstanding support in the education of the American kindergarten students attending Hosen Yochien.
Your direct involvement has not only contributed to a fine preparation into elementary school, but also instilled morals and ethics into the children that will benefit our society in the future. Your efforts reflect great credit upon yourself,
Hosen Yochien, and the education system of Japan.

23 MARCH 2004

Colonel, U.S. Army

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