SHA CDC graduation ceremony(2016.6.16)

American graduation is mostly on June. From SHA CDC principal, our principal got invited and had an experience like no other.
14 graduates up on the stage with blue graduation gown and capcrown After singing both Japanese and American national anthem and their pledge of allegiance, the gratuates got presentated one by one and sang the Alphabet jive all together. After reciving congratulation speech from the principal of Arnn elementary school, they all got rewarded with a graduation certificate. Each graduates family joined and was a peaceful time. Let the light shine to all graduates! Congratulationsheart02

An exchange event in SHA CDC (K5)

4th of July was the Independence day and the SHA CDC has invited our all K5 children to an exchange event. They all have welcomed us at the play ground and went to individual classes to do an art and craft activity. We played out side and had lunch. BBQ chicken, corn, fruits and juice was served. Such an American feast was an exiting experience! After that, they served us with cake. We have brought home American flag, baloon to blow in, and an American flag desined cup as a souvenir and came home with such smile on their face!!


Hosen kindergarten has become 50 years old. We have welcomed many children from SHA and Zama camp since the beginning. The total numbers has gained to over 600 children who has came to this kindregarten. We have also held exchange events every once a while. The Zama camp HQ has rewarded us with certificate of appriciation. On that day, the principal, the vice-principal and others were invited to HQ and had a small chat at a reception room before the ceremony. At a specially prepared space for the commendation, deputy commander Stephen J. Grabski has rewarded us. There were a cake showing our friendship with rainbow in between both America and Japanfs flag and had cut the cake hand in hand.

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